Yeah, I brought a BABY to music class {Rookie Moms Challenge #41}

Today’s challenge: Test-drive some free music and movement classes.

A friend recently mentioned to me that there are music class for babies to which I responded with judgy eyes. “Really? Take your baby to a music class?” I said. “Can’t they be stimulated by a rock at this age? Is that really necessary?”

But upon further research I saw that the local studio in Des Moines that offers baby music classes invites your kid go for free until they are 4 months, and since free is always good, Piper and I decided to check it out.

Now I have to tell you right now that the moment I walked into this music studio I felt my pre-pregnancy self laughing at me. Never would I have thought that I would be a mom that sits around in a circle and sings The Wheels on the Bus with other moms! Ahh, how life has a way of changing like that.

The second we got in the class and Piper took one look at all the kids around us, I knew we were going to be hooked. She was SO INTO looking at the other babies, and once Miss Jenn, the teacher, started singing, she was kicking her legs and making sure not to miss a moment of what was happening. If I turned her so she couldn’t see the other babies, she would completely lose her shit until I turned her back around. It was like, “Ok, ok kid I get it– you’re going to be social.”

During the 40-minute class we sang some songs, did some baby exercises, and the kids got to play with noise-making objects like drums and maracas. The babies also got massages which I kind of though was bullshit: What do they have going on that is causing stress and tension in their muscles? Mama is the one that needs the massage. 🙂

Piper ate up every minute of the class. She spent her time smiling, laughing, and really focusing on what was going on. I don’t know what was happening in that little brain of hers, but she had to have been making leaps in her mental development. Coincidentally she was also making massive farts, with no regard for anyone’s nostrils. Luckily in a room full of moms, no one seemed to mind. (Side note: Does anyone else’s infant fart like a 40-year old man? That girl can blast them!)

While I was definitely skeptical of this whole baby music thing, I was pleasantly surprised. Once I let my guard down, I really enjoyed myself, maybe as much as Piper did. We’ve decided to make this a regular thing and who knows, maybe Daddy will join us from time to time.


[All photos taken by Heather Osby, all rights reserved]

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