Verdant bliss for mama {Rookie Moms Challenge #22}

So much to see!

It had been one of Those Weeks. Those weeks where you have a melt-down in the car in the Target parking lot, then proceed to stress-eat an entire bag of mixed nuts while shopping in Target and feel sick…you know, that brand of week. I really tried to be grateful and let it wash over me; I really tried to wake up Monday morning with a new outlook. But, Monday was grey and rainy.

On my drive to work, I decided that my world had been too grey, and I needed some splashes of color to lighten everything up. Where does one add color to their life? Why, anywhere there are flowers, that’s where! So, after school, Weston and I hit up Main Street Nursery to complete Rookie Moms challenge #22, Visit Another Kind of Nursery–One With Flowers. Main Street Nursery isn’t just a nursery, they have a gorgeous assortment of gifts, a bakery, and a general store. What better place to spend a rainy afternoon, right?

The Revelation: Treat Yo’ Self!

Weston was sleeping when we arrived, but as soon as we stepped out of the car, and he felt the whipping wind, he awoke in awe of the gorgeous flowers and all of their colors. It helped my mood tremendously to see him in such amazement! If only we all could look at the world through the eyes of a 7 month old–everything is brand new to them! We headed inside and wandered through the winding rooms, looking at all the home decor and gifts. Weston couldn’t stop turning his head, looking this way and that. I gazed at the flowers, sighed, and said to Weston, “Wouldn’t it be nice to have some flowers?” It then dawned on me, for the first time ever in my life, that I could be the bearer of happiness…and buy myself flowers.

Verdant Bliss, Mama!

I didn’t need to wait to receive flowers when I could provide my own colorful joy! We went up to the extremely kind ladies at the front and told them we would be getting some flowers to take home. I took Weston to the flower window and we both scanned our eyes back and forth, deciding what to get. We decided on white tulips with lots and lots of greenery and some sunflowers.

Plush, happy, signs of Spring!

It’s amazing how a simple task like picking out your own flowers, and bringing some verdant bliss into your life, can change your entire outlook. As I watched my son make goofy faces at his reflection in all the mirrors, I realized, more than anything, I want him to know how to make his own soul happy. I want him to find joy in the little things, like tulips, or mirrors, or delicious smells. Our job as parents isn’t to create a bubble-world in which nothing bad can ever happen, it’s to help our children foster their own sense of happiness, so when those bad things do happen, they can find their sense of joy again.

When Eric got home that night, he asked who bought me flowers, and for the first time in my life, I smiled and said, “me!” And that, that filled my soul with joy.

[Photos by Olivia Howell, all rights reserved]

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