Maternity jeans make me blue

Just days before giving birth, my toddler treats my belly as a mountain

Everyone responds differently to pregnancy weight gain and subsequent pregnancy weight loss. Yeah, I know. And I guess each pregnancy responds differently too. Fine.

I’m a big believer in the nine months up and nine months down school of thought, but I have to admit I’m just real impatient! At this point (seven weeks and one day out), I don’t even have my eyes on non-maternity pants. I’m just aspiring to smaller and smaller maternity jeans:

Yesterday, I started wearing Whitney’s XS Old Navy Maternity jeans. Before that, I was wearing Erin’s size M Old Navy Maternity jeans. And I still have my eye on Laurie’s (life-changing I’m sure!) Seven Maternity jeans. In fact, I’d rather squeeze into them than wear my real pants. Sick, right?

In real life, I don’t pay top dollar for jeans. I’m comfortable in the $30 range and might even go up to $50 if I thought they were perfect for me. Unfortunately, I must confess that I did splurge on my own $100 maternity jeans under the mistaken notion that I’d wear them every day for 10 months or more and they’d make me happy with my changing body all the while. The two pairs that I tried were a bummer from the get-go.

The nice folks at Maternity Xchange allowed an exchange. Yay! I dropped an extra $12 to get some Earl maternity jeans that were notable for the lack of band. Instead, they have some spandex in the pocket area that expand and contract without looking all maternity. Cool, I thought. Welp, the dang things just don’t stay up. Saggy. Are they too big or too small? I never could figure it out. I tried them from five months pregnant through seven weeks post, each week. I guess I’ll keep trying… what the heck do I have to lose at this point?

And I’ll keep trying to wedge into those Sevens too. At least I can wear my super-long maternity shirts.

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