6 really weird things I only do when I’m pregnant

I am about 30 weeks pregnant for the second time, and man, I have been doing some strange things. Luckily none of them is self-destructive or harmful, but I feel oddly compelled to share them in hopes I’m not alone.

I’m not alone – right?

1. I have been obsessively eating ice. I can’t stop eating ice, and what’s more, I have a hierarchy of “good” ice and “bad” ice and even complex ways to turn bad ice into good ice. Best ice: that kind with the holes in it. My ice maker at home makes those boat-shaped hard things and I have to fill up a glass with ice cubes and then pour boiling water over them to make it “good.” Yesterday I ate at least 100 ice cubes this way. Luckily I have strong teeth. The ice in the hospital where I gave birth the first time and will soon give birth again has the absolute number one best texture of ice in the world, and sometimes I think I am looking more forward to the hospital ice than to my child’s birth.

Arm and Hammer with Oxi-Clean, I just can’t quit you! It’s not even my normal laundry detergent, but they were out of the usual kind so I grabbed it, and holy heck does it smell amazing. It is the best thing I have ever smelled and it makes me want to do the laundry and it makes me want to rub it on my hands or carry a little vial of it around with me to sniff at various intervals. I will never buy another kind of laundry detergent again. I’m yours forever!

3. I take baths instead of showers. I claim it’s because it makes my sore back and legs feel better, but I don’t even know if that’s true anymore. Every night I am totally compelled to fill up a deep tub with warm water and just sit in it and read. (While eating ice, naturally.) Showers, once a surefire favorite, are only OK for me right now.

4. I don’t like meat. I write a blog that’s essentially about how much I love meat! And yet, right now I don’t love meat. I don’t love fish. I don’t even love bacon which is crazy. I don’t want those things and they even gross me out a little. All I want for every meal is noodles in rich creamy cream sauce with as much cheese as possible OR I want to eat like 5 bags of raw baby carrots in one sitting but I do not want to eat any meat.

5. I floss my teeth. Which I normally forget/avoid. Now I can’t get enough of that sensation of getting in between my teeth with floss or a pick and doing some damage. Which is kind of pointless since I don’t even eat meat or anything, just noodles and ice and raw carrots which don’t even get stuck in your teeth.

6. I crave sweet things so much, but then I only want one bite. I must have made at least 10 fabulous banana breads in the past few months. I think I want something sweet so badly that I get off my lazy, huge-bellied butt and make baked goods and then I only want to eat like one bite. Or I buy a whole ice cream cone and then after one or two bites I am totally done with it. Back to the carrots. What is that about?

What’s the weirdest thing you did when you were pregnant? Or are you pregnant now and weirding yourself out?

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