Act like Cruise Director Julie from The Love Boat

They’re hitting the baseball game today — won’t you join in?

It’s time to make your own fun. Plan out your week and write up the schedule. Pick an activity and a time and tell everyone who might be available that they are welcome to join you. Be brave and invite folks you hardly know. Or send out an email with your whole week to get your friends excited about how much fun you are about to have over the next seven days.

You are the cruise director. They’ll thank you later.

This is your seventeenth rookie mom challenge.

If your city has been explored by another rookie mom, you can cheat by picking something from our “Staycation/Vacation” series. If your city is not listed, share your itinerary to help another rookie mom. Post it in comments.

Or heck, instead of being a cruise director, take a vacay on a real cruise. 

Need more inspiration? Browse the previous challenges.

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