Free Baby Stuff 2021 – 50+ Baby Freebies for New Moms

Babies might be little angels most of the time, but they sure do know how to clear out your wallet. I was in disbelief each time I packed up a diaper bag for a day trip or a suitcase for travel how much babies really do need. (also check out our post on things you don’t need on your baby registry) Don’t worry our moms have spent numerous hours researching where to score some Free Baby Stuff, and those babies need lots of stuff. 

Here’s the positive twist though, there are actually so many options for free baby stuff out there for moms and you should not be afraid to take advantage of them. We have pulled together some of the best freebies for moms out there all right here.

Free Baby Clothes

You are going to go through a lot of adorable baby clothes….. a lot. So, here are some super cute options that are free, yes FREE!

Free Baby Shoes

Get up to $60 in Free shoes at Little Wanders when you use promo code Rookie2. There are so many adorable pairs, you have to check them all out. 

Free Baby Leggings

Yup free adorable baby leggings.  Visit and put one pair in your cart. Use promo code rookie2 and you only have to pay for shipping.

Ruffle Buns 

These adorable ruffle buns can be yours for free. In fact you can actually get three of them. Get $60 in FREE Ruffle Buns when use code: Rookie2 

There are tons of styles to choose from plus they any have a whole different line just for boys called Stud Muffins. Check out all their styles here

Free Baby Gear 

From strollers to car seats to cribs, the amount of baby gear that is needed for your little one is incredible. Here are some of our favorite free baby gear finds.

Carseat Cover Freebie

Carseat Canopies are lifesavers in a lot of ways and were a huge favorite of mine for the way they kept our babies private in public and shaded from the sun. Canopy Couture has some amazing car seat covers in many different styles. Use promo code rookie2 to receive $50 off your first order. Most of the car seat covers are $50 so all you have to pay is the shipping. Check out all their styles here!

Free Baby Sling

Saving your back and arms is a must for any mama. I loved having a baby sling for my little one and these baby slings by Seven Baby are not only adorable, but they are also FREE! Use promo code rookie2 and get $40 Off any Sling. Check out all the styles here!

Udder Cover Nursing Cover

You might already have a favorite nursing cover picked out on your registry, but it never hurts to have an extra one especially when you can get it for free. Go to, place one of the nursing covers in your cart, and enter the code Rookie2. You will only have to pay the cost of shipping, which is around $14.

Free Custom Baby Pacifiers

One of my favorite baby freebies are these personalized baby pacifiers. You can put your baby’s name or initials on the pacifiers. They have so many different designs and the best part is you get $30 in FREE pacifiers when you use code “Rookie30”

Free Baby Pacifiers

$35 in FREE Breast Pads

When it comes to free stuff for new moms, there’s not much that beats breastfeeding gear! Breast Pads are unfortunately a necessity for any nursing mama. offers $35 of FREE Breast Pads when you use promo code: rookie2 Check out all their available styles. 

FREE Bed for Baby

Baby Box University – 

This is a specially designed box that can be used as a safe place for your baby to sleep. Inspired by the famous Finland Baby Boxes, which have significantly driven down the infant death rate in their country. The box, of course, comes with some goodies inside like breastmilk storage bags and diapers. When it is empty, it can be used as a safe place for your baby to sleep. Visit their site at

Delivery Method: Shipped to You

Costs Involved: Free (just watch a quick series of helpful videos on their site!)

Free Pregnancy Stuff New Moms

Belly Bands

There is also plenty of free stuff for pregnant women out there! Belly Bands are a must-have for any pregnant mama. They help transfer your pants into maternity pants and provides great support for your belly and back. The belly button band is a great option. Use our code: rookie2 and save $40 off which can get you 2 Bands for FREE!

Milkology Free Breastfeeding Class

If you are considering breastfeeding, this class from Milkology is a must-do! It will help you to prepare for what you should really expect so that you feel ready when your baby arrives. We love this super helpful freebie for new moms, check it out here.

Free Baby Formula

Enfamil Family Beginnings Program Freebies

Enfamil has a great program to help a new mom get started. You will receive formula checks to use on formula, samples, feeding tips and a chance to win formula for a year!. These new mom freebies are easy to get and so worth it. It’s simple to sign up, it’s FREE and you get up to $400 worth of gifts. Want more enfamil, pay $39.99 and get $700 in gifts and supplies. It’s a great deal.

Visit for tons of coupons monthly that will get you a discounted baby formula. They also are running a sweepstake for two free cases of formula and an iPad mini. Keep in mind, when you fill out your information the first time to click the “Get My Coupon” button.

  • Delivery Method: Print Immediately
  • Costs Involved: $0

Baby’s Only or PediaSmart Free Sample

Head over to Nature’s One Brands to receive your free 12 oz sample of formula. All you have to pay are the shipping costs.

Free Baby Books

Dr. Seuss Book Club Freebies

When you sign up for the Dr. Seuss & His Friends book club subscription, you will get 4 books for $4.99 and no shipping costs. It is definitely a steal! Dr. Seuss’s books are classic and I love my bedtime memories of reading them with my kids. Make sure to cancel the subscription, which is a piece of cake to do online to prevent this from becoming a recurring charge. Here’s the link to register.

  • Delivery Method: Shipped to you within two weeks
  • Costs Involved: $4.99

Free Books from Babsy

Babsy offers $40 in Free Books. Use Promo Code: Rookie2 You can get great titles to help your child with development.

Imagination Books Monthly Freebie

This program is only available in certain communities, but if it happens to be in yours you can sign up for one free book a month from 0-5 years old. Take a look at this map and see if the program is available in your area.

  • Delivery Method: Shipped to You
  • Costs Involved: $0

Free Kindle Children’s Books

So, this free baby stuff freebie is a little different. Kindle offers various free books in all categories, but if you are a mom you need to check out their children’s section! They have great books available for all ages.

Free Baby Gift Boxes

Target Registry Freebie Box ($50 Value)

Target is my life. No for real, I do not think I could survive without my weekly trips there. You will probably be creating a baby registry here anyways, but if that was not in your plans you should highly consider it because when you sign up you qualify for a Baby Welcome Kit. It’s a box you will go pick up from your local Target full of samples and up to $50 worth of coupons. Moms say they’ve received everything from wipes to breast pads in theirs.

  • Delivery Method: Pick Up in Store
  • Costs Involved: Free

Enfamil Formula

For free baby stuff, you will have to join the Enfamil Family Beginnings Program, but it is so worth it. You will receive gifts from your pregnancy all the way through your baby’s toddler years. They send little samples of formula, lots of coupons, and some cute freebies too.

  • Delivery Method: Shipped to You
  • Costs Involved: Free

Honest Co Box

We love everything Honest Company and that’s why their freebie box is so high up on our list, but there is one catch. You get this freebie bundle by signing up for a trial, here. You will sign up for this monthly subscription, but you HAVE to remember to cancel or you will be charged monthly. Call (888) 862-8818 to cancel your membership once you’ve ordered your free trial. Once you are signed up, you pay the shipping fee of and receive either diapers and wipes or an essentials bundle (shampoo, lotion, household cleaner, soap).

  • Delivery Method: Shipped to You
  • Costs Involved: $5.95 shipping

Similac StrongMoms Kit

To receive these goodies, you will register for the StrongMoms rewards program, which you can find here. They will personalize your gifts to fit you and your baby’s needs best. The program not only includes gifts but customized benefits and exclusive savings.

  • Delivery Method: Shipped to You
  • Costs Involved: Free

Amazon Registry Freebie Box

Amazon is a close second to Target when it comes to my favorite things in life. Did you know you can register for your baby shower through Amazon too? If you have Amazon Prime just register and spend $10, then you get to pick out a welcome box of free baby stuff for expecting mothers to be sent to your doorstep. The items in the welcome box are typically valued around $35, so it’s a pretty great deal!

  • Delivery Method: Shipped to You
  • Costs Involved: Spend $10 on one of your registry items before receiving the freebie

Walmart Baby Box

Walmart offers 3 different boxes; expecting, newborn, and toddler. You just pay the shipping and handling fee and samples for you and your little one will be sent your way. The free baby stuff samples vary but can be anything from pacifiers, diapers, wipes, or coupons. Sign up to receive yours here.

Even More Free Baby Stuff

Free Hooded Towels

Bath time is probably my favorite time with baby. These towels are so adorable and will last quite a while. You get $35 off when you use our promo code “Rookie35”

Get Free Bath Towels Here

50 Free Shutterfly Prints

Head over to Shutterfly by clicking here and pick out 50 4×6 photos of your little one. Enter the code YUR49S when you are checking out and they will become free! You will just have to pay for shipping and then you will be filling all your frames with new pictures in no time.

Gymboree Play & Music Class

For about $75 a month, Gymboree offers different play classes tailored to your baby’s age. Fortunately, you can try it out with your first class being free. Click here to find the nearest location and snag a free class pass 

30 Days of Amazon Family Prime

Looking for a pregnancy freebie you will get tons of use out of? You can sign up for one free month of Amazon Family, which also includes 20% off things like diapers and baby food! The family prime account is well worth having even past the free month, so don’t miss out on it. Check out all the details here.

Join Seventh Generation Baby for Diapers

Click here to sign up for Generation Good and earn rewards points, receive free baby stuff samples, and print out coupons.

  • Costs Involved: $5.95 for any shipping

Pea to Pumpkin Baby Journal

As tired as you will be as a new mom, it’s so special to have a journal filled with special moments to look back on and remember. When you sign up for ScholarShare here, you will receive a free baby journal.

  • Delivery Method: Shipped to You within a week
  • Costs Involved: $0

Parents Magazine Subscription

Time to trade in Cosmo for the Parents magazine! Good thing it’s free for a whole year to make the transition a little easier. There are a couple of ways to get this offer, but here is one.

Do you know of more freebies for babies that aren’t on our list? Comment them below!

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Pin for later – Free Baby Stuff – 50+ Freebies for New Moms

How can I get free baby stuff?

Use the code rookie2 at Little Wanders,, Ruffle Buns, Canopy Couture, Seven Baby, Belly Button Body, and Babsy. 
Join Seventh Generation Baby for free diapers. 
Get an Honest Co. Freebie Box.
Sign up for a Target Registry for a baby freebie box. 

What companies give free baby samples?

Amazon, Target, Baby Box University, Babylist, Honest Co, Walmart, Huggies, Kohl’s, and many others. 

How can I get free baby samples in the mail?

There are many ways to get free baby samples in the mail. Many companies like Amazon, Target, Walmart, and Huggies will send you samples after you fill out a form online. Your pediatrician is also a great resource for finding free samples.

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