Baby’s evening at the art gallery {Rookie Moms Challenge #12}

The Challenge: Enjoy Modern Art (with your baby)

So far, I think one of the most interesting aspects of parenting is getting to know my child’s personality as he navigates the world. Often times I’m quick to assume that Weston’s reactions to situations will be the same as mine, and more often than not, I’m very wrong. Case in point: our adventure to fulfill Rookie Mom Challenge #12, Enjoy Modern Art.

It just so happened that a few months back my mother invited my sister and I to partake in an art show at the gallery where she’s a member. We decided our theme would be “Home is Where the Art Is,” and we would each create a piece of work to represent the theme. My mother, a watercolorist, tried her hand at digital art, while my sister created a watercolor of found objects from my mother’s house. I went to Home Depot, took paint chip samples, and used a square paper punch to create quilt designs. The gallery was having a reception for all the artists involved, so Eric and I packed Weston up and took him over on a cold Saturday.

The Real Challenge: Don’t Have a Panic Attack
Luckily Weston had fallen asleep in the car because it took about three years to find a parking spot. Braving the sidewalks of ice, we rolled over to the gallery, meeting my sister and her boyfriend on the way. Weston had woken up, and was enjoying the fresh air, so when we arrived at the gallery door, and I saw the room was jam packed with loud people, I took a deep breath and prepared for the worst.

But, the worst from Weston never came! He was totally cool with people watching and scanning the room; at one point my mother wheeled him through the throng of people. At that point both Eric and I were sweating and totally overwhelmed with the people, the sounds, the crowd. Therefore, I was expecting Weston to also get overwhelmed, but as my mother wheeled him back, he gave me an “I’m over this joint,” look and continued fiddling with his stroller straps.

I was shocked, to be honest. While I was getting claustrophobic, nervous, and full of trepidation, my offspring was calm, cool, and collected. Not what I expected! We made the executive decision to leave as soon as possible, not because of the baby, but because mom and dad couldn’t handle it!

As we finagled our way out to the street, Eric and I regrouped and took a collective deep breath of fresh air. Weston looked at us with a “what’s the situation?” face and almost looked bored! He was ready to get out and play, and we were ready for a serious nap. Instead, we all went to Mexican food, where Weston was equally cool looking on while we shoved burritos in our faces.

I love watching him find his own stride, his own feelings, likes and dislikes. Tt amazes and delights me when my son has a positive reaction to something I’m nervous or anxious about. Maybe someday he’ll have to hold my hand and lead me through the crowds!

[All photos by me, Olivia, all rights reserved]

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