Best [Baby Gear for Winter] to Keep Your Little One Cozy!

There is already so much to think about when you have a baby, and then winter comes along and seems to add on a whole new list of things to keep in mind! Knowing what winter gear you need for your baby and picking it all out can be stressful, to say the least. Lucky for you, our Rookie Moms have been through it already and are here to help you pinpoint exactly what you need. Here is the best baby gear for winter to keep your little one cozy and safe!

Things to Keep in Mind

  • Car Safety: A normal winter coat is so bulky that it creates a few inches of gap between the harness and your child. The big bulky coats that we all grew up wearing are a big no-no for car seats. Instead, you can use coats that are approved by the ever-trustworthy Car Seat Lady or you can use blankets. We tried to keep the winter baby gear on our list more fitted versus bulky, which will help!

*Rookie Mom Tip: Put on your child’s coat backward after you safely buckle them in. This typically works best for older toddlers or big kids.

  • Comfort and Warmth: You definitely want to keep your baby warm, but you also want to consider their comfort. Make sure they have their full range of movement and pay extra attention if they are all bundled up and seem unusually grumpy. 
  • Inside vs Outside: You will want to consider some warm clothes for your baby to wear inside along with the usual outdoor winter gear. 

All the Best Baby Gear for Winter

The Key to Dressing in Layers

You don’t need to buy a ton of fancy winter gear for your little one! Dressing your child in layers allows them to be warm without the extra bulk of a heavy winter coat! It also gives you the option to add on or take off layers as the temperature fluctuates. Start them with a onesie if they’re still a baby or a t-shirt if they’re a little older. Add warm pants, thick socks, a pullover sweatshirt, and a fitted fleece jacket. 

Layers Checklist

  • Cozy Pants
  • Thick Socks
  • Hat 
  • Pullover Sweatshirt
  • Fitted Fleece Jacket, like this Kid’s Columbia Sherpa or this Baby Sherpa

Winter Gear Alternatives for Baby 

These are all things that you probably already have lying around your house. Use them! If you are against putting any kind of coat on your child while in the car, use what you have to keep them warm. My kids LOVE the special car blankets that they get to use. The blankets only come out once coats are necessary outside so it makes them even more special.

I still always make sure to pack hats, mittens, socks, and warm shoes. During the winter, warm shoes and socks are both crucial parts of your baby’s gear. So much of our body heat escapes from our feet and our heads so it’s good to make sure they’re all covered up.

The Best Winter Coats for Your Baby 

Look for down coats that don’t have too much bulk to them. There are plenty of down coats that you can find out there that are suitable for your child to wear while in their car seat but when it comes to winter coats, look for either a down coat or a fleece coat. These coats add plenty of warmth without the bulk.

You also want to find a coat that stops right at your baby’s hips. This will ensure your child is able to wear the coat safely in the car because it won’t bunch too much along the waist seat belt. I would also recommend that you look for a coat that has a removable hood or a wide neckline.

Winter Gear for Infants

From snowsuits to bundle bags, here are some winter gear options for infants that you will actually use!

The 7 AM Enfant Nido is a way to swaddle your baby safely in their car seat or stroller. There is a hole at the back of the product, so you set it in the car seat and then you can access the entire harness. You just buckle your child up and then tuck them in nice and warm. 

Another great option for infants is the Road Coat Snow Suit. It is a snowsuit that was made so that your baby can wear it safely in their car seat. This snowsuit is made of down with a “split collar” so that you can access the harness and ensure that it is secured correctly.

There are also different infant car seat covers. Two of our favorites are this one from JJ Cole and this one from Jolly Jumper. I love the buffalo pattern, it’s perfect for winter!

Winter Gear for Toddlers

Once your baby has grown into a toddler, it is a bit easier to find their winter gear. For the bigger kids and toddlers, there are plenty of different coats for them as well.  

One Kid Road Coat makes a great line of children’s down coats for the winter. I love that this coat has two layers to it with the inner layer having a “non-slip surface”. The double-layer also allows you to buckle your child up when you’re in the car. You simply zip up the outer layer over the harness to keep them extra warm. However, your child is also able to unzip it when they get too warm. This jacket is warm, safe, and 100% machine washable. Mom approved!

L.L. Bean also has a great line of down coats for children. The Mountain Bound Reversible Jacket is one of my favorite coats from them because it is not too puffy which makes it ideal both in terms of comfort and for wearing them in the car. 

Buckle Me Baby is another line of car seat safe coats for kids and babies. These are down coats that have the zipper off to the side making it easy to unzip, buckle your child in safely with the harness, and then zip over the harness to keep them warm. This is a great coat for kids, but if your child is independent and wants to put their coats on by themselves, the side zipper may be hard for them to figure out.

Stay Warm & Safe this Winter!

Overall, there are plenty of baby gear options out there to keep your child safe and warm this winter. You can save money and use what you have or you can go out and buy a top of the line coat. Do whatever works for you and your child. We all get our kids in and out of the car seats about a gazillion times a day so find a winter system that works for your family and go with it. These are all good options, so go and have a warm and safe winter everyone!


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