Hit me with your best shot of the summer

My daughter’s first summer wasn’t that awesome, to be honest. She was born on the 4th of July, so I was fat and sweaty all summer. I hardly slept. Postpartum, I had enormous breasts that were probably visible from across the bay in San Francisco. I was terrified of being left alone with both of my own children for more than two hours. She screamed in the car seat and made every road trip miserable. So instead of that summer, I sort of think of this one as her first summer. This summer she was fun.

To me, summer means blue skies, bathing suits, and laughter. This picture of Scarlett captures all those things. I’m sure the photographers among you will see it differently, but I think I will look back on this picture as emblematic of Scarlett’s babyhood, and her first summer.

The folks at Sony sent me this Cybershot with smile detection, 7.2 megapixels and tons of other features. My second favorite part of the camera is the hot pink carrying case I got for it. My first favorite part is that it took this picture.

So if you have a favorite pic from this summer, paste the link in the comments. We all want to see!

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