Celebrate your way

For your 52nd weekly Rookie Moms challenge, we invite you to pat yourself on the back — You have a ONE YEAR OLD! The celebration is for you.

If you are inviting others to celebrate the big ONE with you, make some plans for it. Make it easy on yourself by delegating food and decorations to anyone who volunteers to help.

Since your baby won’t understand the event, traditional birthday party activities are completely optional. We let our guests know that the birthday boy would not be opening gifts in front of them and that his second nap began promptly at 3:30 (whether or not guests were present).

My friend Christine honored this milestone by having dinner with her husband and hiring a babysitter. Heather threw a blowout camping trip for herself, I mean for Holden, and attended an adults-only swanky Oscars party in honor of Milo’s first year.

This collection of super cute first birthday party ideas gives more inspiration on planning a party to suit your style.

Holden’s first birthday – his parents made him go camping

Baby too young to be planning a birthday party? Go choose another challenge!

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