Unexpected home birth: I hate it when that happens!

Home birth can be a lovely option if you choose it and have the right support team — and upholstery cleaner in place — but that’s not what I want for myself. After my first labor and delivery, I don’t think I’m a good candidate anyway. I realize I never did tell you about my loooong first childbirth with my rookie baby, Holden. I do want to tell you someday — or at least write it down so I don’t forget — but it is so much less fun than wiping someone’s tushy, which is the promise of this site, I don’t know if I’ll ever get around to it.

Because of my most recent labor that was four hours long (including the waiting and relaxing associated with an epidural), I expect this next little guy to come QUICKLY.

At this point, I know a handful (yep five!) women who have had unplanned at-home childbirths and all I can say is that I’m terrified. Their stories are fascinating; unless, of course, you’re pregnant, in which case they’re terrifying.

On all fours in the bathroom while the paramedics are running a few minutes late and your toddler is sleeping. Wow.

In the living room chair while your husband is loading up the car for the hospital and he returns to get you to find the baby crowning… dang.

If I’m not giving you enough juicy details, check out Kristen’s home birth story.

Let me just say that feeling my baby’s head emerge while I’m still at home, a mere 3 miles from the hospital, is something I’d prefer to avoid.

So how should I prepare for the worst case scenario?

A kind soul over at our BabyCenter column suggested that I pick up an emergency childbirth handbook, just in case. Somewhere near the front door, I can stock clean towels, shoelaces, and whatever else I’m supposed to have (boiling water?!). I’ll make sure our tarps are within reach, not buried in the shed somewhere as the big day approaches.

This particular book comes highly recommended, but I’m not finding a hard copy. Maybe my husband should download the google ebook.

So, I’m open to all tips and advice, but please, no more home birth horror stories.

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