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From the very first time I was pregnant, I have known that I wanted to bring Montessori concepts into our home. I love the ideas of child-directed learning and instilling independence and confidence early on. Actually figuring out how to make that happen, well, that’s a different story. If you are in the same boat as me, then you have got to hear me out about Monti Kids. 

Monti Kids will deliver all of the materials you need to bring Modern Montessori concepts and learning into your own home. 

What is Modern Montessori? 

First things first, what is Modern Montessori? Monti Kids stays true to the classic Montessori method, but they have adapted a bit to ensure they are accessible for all parents. 

They bring Montessori right to your doorstep, literally. When you subscribe to Monti Kids you will receive a delivery of Montessori toys and activities tailored to your baby’s developmental stage. And just like that, you have got a starting place for bringing Montessori methods into your home. 

Monti Kids will provide you with more than just the activities and toys, though. They are all about empowering you as a parent and giving you the tools you need. I love this because it really takes away the intimidation factor that I initially felt when trying to figure out how Montessori would fit into our family dynamic. 

I am going to break down exactly how they do this below! 

  • A Monti Kids Level is delivered to your door with educator designed toys that meet your child’s specific stage of brain development. The subscription is delivered every three months from birth to 3 years old. 
  • You will gain access to an awesome digital course that goes over everything you need to know about your baby’s development at this stage. You’ll learn what to notice about your child’s behavior and what that means developmentally. Monti Kids shows you how to support your baby with the toys, activities and inspiration in each Level. You will also have access to chat with Child Development Experts (who are also certified Montessori educators). You’ll be able to connect with them for one-on-one coaching. This piece is key to what makes the Monti Kids experience so special. When you feel lost or confused about anything from sleep schedules to tantrums, you have a literal expert who you can talk to! 
  • You’ll also have access to an exclusive community – your Modern Montessori Village!
  • Here’s the best part… Once you receive your box, all you really have to do is play and guide your child with the materials provided to you. Rather than spending your time researching and trying to figure it all out on your own, you have got everything you need right at your fingertips. 
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A Rookie Mom Review 

As my little one starts to discover more of the world around him, I want to make sure I am giving him the very best chance at meeting developmental milestones and building independence. We recently tried out the Monti Kids Program Level 3, which is made for 7-9 month olds, and it has been so exciting to watch him learn through the activities! 

Even though he is our 6th baby, I admit that I am also learning a ton through the Monti Kids curriculum. It all starts off with a consultation led by one of their Montessori experts. You will get 1 expert consultation with each program, and you will also always have on-demand access through email or the community.

You can use your consultation before your box arrives to help prepare or you can wait until a question comes up. They can answer questions about the toys and activities, your baby’s development, and even behavioral questions. The Monti Kids experts are truly so kind and helpful!

You know we are all about finding your people over here at Rookie Moms, so I love the fact that Monti Kids is too! On top of the expert consultation, you will have access to what they call the “Modern Montessori Village”. Because it takes a village, right? This is an exclusive community where you can share questions and get support from other parents. Plus, the experts are there too!

As for the toys themselves, I was totally impressed. My baby loved the Rolling Drum Toy, it is made to roll and then stop so that your baby has to go after it. I loved watching his determination to get it and make it roll again. It also came with a little dining set and mini pitcher which I cannot wait to try out as he starts eating more solid food. These will help him become an independent eater which is so important to me. 

Of course, my baby loving the toys is one important factor, but as a mama my priorities are that his toys are sustainable, safe, and high quality. The Monti Kids toys definitely pass the test. 

Another important thing to note, they provide a Toy Rotation Guide to help you recognize when your baby might be ready to interact with certain toys and activities. It’s really nice to have this knowledge as a parent and see the changes in your baby’s development. 

I would not hesitate to recommend this program to any of my friends. You can sign up for Monti Kids today and see for yourself how special their program is! Did I mention their kits are just $195 per Level? This breaks down to $65 per month over 3 years or about $2 a day. This is an amazing price for 3 years worth of activities and the support of Montessori experts. Plus, it’s commitment free! You can stop or pause your subscription anytime.

What are you waiting for? Get your hands on the Monti Kids program today!

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