Upgrade your own “crib”

Upgrade your own crib: a challenge for parents in need of a decent bedroom

You probably did nice things to your baby’s room to get it ready for him. How about your own bedroom? Make a small change that will make you happy in your sleeping space. Move a piece of furniture, hang something on the wall, or get rid of a clutter pile. (I didn’t say clean up ”“ just hide it somewhere else!)

Could you put your baby in a bouncy seat so that she can watch you re-arrange your bookshelves?

Every photo of  adult living quarters I considered for this post featured a vase of flowers on the nightstand. If you need an outing, how about to the farmer’s market to select a bouquet? Refreshing your bedroom is our 29th challenge for rookie moms.

Heather and I both painted our bedrooms in honor of this activity. It is one of the biggest impact, lowest cost design changes you can make. Add a few pillows. Wow!

This is my bedroom currently.

Real person inspiration: Our friend Wendy executed a marvelous makeover of an old typing table with spray paint. Check it out:

So what adult furnishings need a little love in your house?

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