Benefits of a Diaper Service (Why & Why Not to Use one)

Diaper service might sound like a foreign concept to you, but once you learn about it you might just be thinking it’s something that’s right up your alley. Before you click off thinking this doesn’t fit your needs, I’ll start off by saying it’s for both cloth and disposable diaper users. Obviously, the services will differ greatly between the two but both are meant to make your life a whole lot easier. I’ll explain to you all the benefits of using a diaper service, but we’ll start out with the basics like what the heck “diaper service” actually means.

Benefits of a Diaper Service (Why & Why Not to Use one)

What’s a Diaper Service?

The basic idea of a diaper service is that for a weekly/monthly fee someone will come to take care of all your cleaning and laundering that has to do with diapers. It’s a nice little weight lifted off your shoulders for sure! If you plan on using cloth diapers, they will come to pick the soiled ones up and drop off new clean ones. The benefit of using the service over washing yourself are the extremely strict guidelines they follow when cleaning.

Another awesome thing about diaper services? Many of them make it possible for you to use disposable diapers while still being eco-friendly. I know, it seems like this is an impossible combination but check this out. They will drop off specially made compostable diapers and come to pick them back up to make sure they are properly disposed of. And, don’t worry the diaper service should provide you with some sort of airtight container so those dirty diapers won’t stink up your home before the next pick up.

Facts About Diaper Usage

Diapers contribute greatly to our landfill problem in the US and around the world. I am definitely not putting blame on anyone here, it’s hard enough parenting a baby and many of us just don’t have the time to worry about where our diapers are ending up. A diaper service will make it all easy though and is well worth the small cost to have some peace of mind about how you’re treating Mother Earth. Here’s some facts that might just make you consider going the cloth or compostable route.

  • Around 7 billion pounds of US garbage every year is from disposable diapers (
  • Disposable diapers can take over 100 years to decompose. So, yes, they’ll be sitting in the landfill much longer than you’ll be alive
  • Many disposable diapers contain chemicals that may be harmful to your baby (that’s how they stay so absorbent)
  • Babies in cloth diapers tend to be potty trained faster, since they don’t have the comfort of extra absorbent diapers
  • Disposable diapers will cost you around $1,500 a year, making the diaper service costs not seem so bad after all

Benefits of Using a Diaper Service

  • Convenience is #1 when parenting, think of all the last minute grocery trips you won’t need to take
  • At $15-25 a week, the extra cost will save you tons of time.
  • Using cloth diapers suddenly seems doable
  • Your cloth diapers will be rinsed, washed, and dried for you
  • Diaper services typically use eco-friendly methods when laundering; little water and energy usage
  • Tons of waste is kept out of landfills  
  • Many services will offer the option of a compostable eco-friendly one use diaper
  • If using compostable diapers, you will save money by subscribing to use the same brand of diapers.
  • You can change sizes whenever your little one grows. This eliminating the chance of having tons of leftovers in a certain diaper size

Where can you get a Diaper Service?

The Honest Company – has a monthly selection of diapers and wipes. All of their diapers are made without chlorine processing or synthetic fragrances. Check Current Prices Here!

Amazon Family – Amazon Family has a great service which helps you save 20% on your diapers, wipes by setting up a subscription. You can also save on baby food, bathtime products and so much more. Check out Amazon Family Here

Cloth Diaper Service Near Me – Cloth Diaper Services are usually on a more local level. Check Google Maps and simply search your area. You should find 4-5 diaper services in your area.

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