The ULTIMATE Guide to Ring Slings

Rings slings are very popular among new and experienced mamas alike, and it’s no surprise why! They are a fantastic option to help free up your hands while still allowing the baby to remain close to your body which is comforting to them. Not to mention, essential for attachment and bonding. Below we will go over everything you need to know about them and tell you which ones are our favorites.

The ULTIMATE Guide to Ring Slings

Moms are busy and babies always want to be held (especially at the most inconvenient moments), those are just simple facts of life. And, that’s why ring slings are a must-have!

So, what exactly is a ring sling? Well, it’s a long piece of cloth that you wrap around yourself and pull through two rings to tighten making a perfect little pouch for your babe. They have become wildly popular because they are so convenient and the most versatile option when it comes to baby carriers.

While they are similar to baby wraps, make sure you don’t get the two confused because there are some key differences. Baby wraps can be tied in many different configurations, which is so nice because you can change the amount of support from different areas of your body. BUT this can also be a huge pain. You have basically got to do origami every time you put one on, whereas with a ring sling you just slip it over your shoulder and tighten.

This means the ring sling is easy to slip on, but still provides you with that ultimate cuddly closeness which will keep your baby calm and happy. While they have had a recent surge in popularity, moms have been using similar methods to carry their babies around since ancient times. There’s definitely something kind of cool about the connection you feel to mothers all around the world and mothers from long, long ago by carrying your baby close to you in natural materials. There’s even been research done that carrying your baby this way is part of attachment parenting, which leads to lifelong positive consequences. I always say if something has lasted since ancient times in parenting, it’s well worth checking out.

Check out this video from WildBird on how to use a ring sling!

What to Use Them For

  • These bad boys are great for short stints like the grocery store or cleaning up around the house.
  • Breastfeeding hands-free! How exciting is that? We know that sometimes mamas with newborns feel like they are feeding all day long making it impossible to accomplish anything else, but just think of all the things you could do if your hands were free. So maybe it’ll just be enough freedom to scroll down your Instagram feed (don’t forget to check us out while you are there) but hey, we support it.
  • Use them for all ages. This means when you have a toddler who wants up and down and up again, you can easily put them in your ring sling and it won’t be too hard to get them back out.
  • For new babies with reflux or colic, this might be one of the best places for them to nap.

Why to Love ‘Em

  • Versatility; newborn babe to a wiggly toddler can all fit in the sling with easy adjustment (Hi Moms of 2! You can fit either of your kiddos in!)
  • They make Dad Duty easy! A lot of carriers fit a specific body type or take a lot of confusing adjustment to switch over making it only convenient for one carrier. The ring sling will fit mom, dad, and whoever else needs to use it with ease.
  • The leftover material tail doesn’t just make you look super trendy, but actually has multiple uses. You can flip it back over to the front to make a perfect sun shield or nursing cover.
  • You can make whatever fashion statement you’d like since they come in many different colors and patterns.
  • They make hip carrying a breeze.
  • All the cuddles.

The Downsides

  • They can wear out the one shoulder that supports the babies weight.
  • Carrying for an extended period of time gets harder as your child grows.
  • You have to be very careful when washing. Hand washing and air drying are best.

Our 4 Favorite Ring Slings

Sakura Bloom Ring Sling

The Sakura comes in tons of different materials; linen, chambray linen, silk, theory bamboo and there’s even a few more. Depending on the climate of where you live and what you like the feel of the best you can pick your favorite.

We love their simple but trendy color options. They definitely won’t be going out of style anytime soon.

They are made to be super breathable for those of you who live in hotter climates.

A lot of baby wearers say this is the sling to start with and you’ll be hooked in no time.

Shop Here

Wildbird Single Layer Sling

Anything that says it only gets softer with time has my vote, and that’s one of the most commonly reviewed details about this sling.

They are made of pure super breathable linen meaning no sweaty mess!

We love all the color and material options these slings come in and you get to pick your ring color. Say hello to matching your jewelry color to your ring sling.

Shop Here

Kyte Baby Ring Sling

These environmentally-friendly 100% pre-washed linen slings are strong and easy to use. 

They are easily adjustable and can fit most adult body types.

Best of all, this sling has two pockets, a large exterior pocket and a smaller interior one so that you can carry things like your phone or keys easily on the go!

Shop Here

Moby Ring Sling

At only $49.95, this sling is great bang for your buck.

Comes in one size, but is extra long so it’s perfect for all body types including dad.

The material is lightweight and soft keeping both you and baby comfy.

Shop Here

Which of these Ring Slings Would You Choose?

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