5 great scavenger hunts to get you + your baby out of the house

If you’re running out of ideas and mommy yoga just isn’t doing it for you today, might I suggest a few great scavenger hunts to shake things up? Grab a diaper (and all that other stuff) and hit the road.

  1. Go on an alphabet walk: Take a walk with your baby and your camera. Shoot as many things as you can that start with the first letter of baby’s name. For example, if your baby is named Lucy, look for lights, ladders, lizards, etc. Use a photo website to make a collage with your best shots. (as inspired by The Rookie Mom’s Handbook)
  2. Document your baby’s birthplace: What are the best places where you live that only the tourists visit? Grab a map, a camera, and your baby and go.
  3. Go on an awfully big adventure: pack up your baby, gear, and a friend. Make a day of getting lost and found together.
  4. Take a graffiti picture: inspired by Dutch, we sought out the best graffiti in Berkeley for some cool pictures. You can too.
  5. Geocache with your baby: the assignment and adventure can be different every time. Find out more from Shylo.

Share your baby adventures in the comments to inspire us!

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