Set the timer for 15 minutes

Having trouble motivating to clean the house? Me too! It seems like every time I manage to pick up all the plastic crap, some little person chucks it around again. And don’t get me started on the laundry situation. One idea that I like when the messes are particularly out of control is to set the timer for 15 minutes and tackle as much as I can before it runs out.

Set the timer for 15 minutes – My super mom cleaning strategy

Set the time for 15 minutes and begin…..I usually chuck all the toys into bins, but you can clear the kitchen, make your bed, or do whatever makes you feel like the house is tidy. Sometimes I even vacuum really quick.

Your baby should be ok for that long “self-entertaining” (AKA jumperoo, exersaucer, spacing out, or watching you run from room to room). And with that 15 minutes you will be shocked at the things you can accomplish.

I will get tired of cleaning before Milo gets tired of jumping

When the bell sounds, take a deep breath, relax, get on the floor together and make a new mess.

Set the Timer for 15 Minutes Breakdown

Here is how to best take advantage of the 15 minutes – Break up the 15 minutes into just one room. If you try to do too many places in the 15 minutes oyu won’t feel like you accomplished anything.

  • 1st 5 Minutes – Pick up everything off the floor all toys, trash, put pillows back on the couch
  • 2nd 5 minutes – Quick Vacuum
  • Final 5 Minutes – a little dusting/ wipe down tables


  • 1st 5 Minutes – Make the Bed, Put away clothes on the ground into laundry
  • 2nd 5 minutes – Hang clothes in the closet
  • Final 5 Minutes – a little dusting/ wipe down furniture


  • 1st 5 minutes – Put dishes in the dishwasher/put away dishes ( this could be 10 minutes)
  • 2nd 5 minutes – wipe down counters/table
  • Final 5 minutes – sweep the floor


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