Remember your kegels

Sorry rookie dads, this one is for the ladies.

So, we’re all supposed to do kegels, right? How we’re supposed to remember to do them with all the other stuff new moms are juggling is totally beyond me… so I came up with a brilliant little technique that I can share with you.

Do one for every email you receive in a day. This way, each time you check emails, you can bust out (7) or (12) or (34) depending on how cluttered your inbox is and if you get a lot of junk mail.

My nurse advised me that my little email strategy only works if you get between 50 and 100 emails each day. My friend Susan (a fellow mother of two, and thus an expert!), told me that this is the only way to go: THREE TIMES A DAY DO THE FOLLOWING

  1. 10 where you hold for a second and release for a second
  2. 10 really quick ones
  3. 10 times of 3 seconds holding and 3 seconds resting

Other ideas for squeezing them in:

  • Do a set of 10 for each diaper you change.
  • Do 3 sets of holding in for 3 seconds at each stoplight.
  • Do 50 for each thank-you note you meant to write but didn’t.
  • Do one loooooong one while you wait for any web page to load.
  • Do 1 for everything on your to-do list that you’re not going to get to again today.
  • Do a quick set every time you want to yell at your kiddo, but don’t.
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