Host an ugly baby clothes contest

Baby clothes are really cute, even the ones you hate! | Photo by Julian Valentin

In hindsight, I can now see that baby clothes are adorable, even the ones I thought were ugly at the time. Dress my precious newborn boy in duckies? You must be kidding! Put my child in a frilly outfit? What?! I’m embarrassed that I once thought that my little baby needed to have a certain look. Then again, there are plenty of years left to argue about what is appropriate for class picture day, so why shouldn’t mama just have her way?

I was embarrassed for my manly baby to wear this adorable outfit. Blame hormones!

Here’s the cheeky challenge of the day: Dress up your baby in the worst, ugliest, silliest gift outfit and invite over some other poorly dressed babies for a costume party and ugly-clothing contest. Dorky gifts, ratty hand-me-downs, and hopeless mismatches can finally have their day.

Try not to be offended if your idea of cutest-outfit-ever winds up on one of the other models. Cute is completely in the eye of the beholder here. See also What Not To Wear: Baby Edition.

Take lots of pictures, but be careful who sees them!

This is your 25th challenge. Have you done this yet? Share your story and pictures.

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