The Best Pack n Play of 2023; 10 Great Options for Home + Travel!

On the hunt for the best Pack N Play of 2023? Well, you’ve come to the right place. Pack N Plays (also known as playpens) are so much more than just a travel bed. We use ours as a play yard, a place for our baby to relax, and a safe spot to set him down while we get things done around the house like cleaning, showering, and getting dressed. That all to say, they are also a definite must-have if you love to travel like us!

Below we will go over our absolute favorite Pack N Plays so you can figure out which one is the best fit for your family.

The Best Pack n Play of 2023

4moms Breeze Plus Portable Playard – OVERALL TOP PICK

The 4moms breeze plus portable playard is a popular option for parents looking for a high-quality, easy-to-use playard for their children. It comes with a whole 10 square feet of room for playing, which your little one will appreciate as they grow. 

When choosing a pack-n-play, one of the main things to take into consideration is set up. Unlike many other options on the market, the 4moms Breeze opens and closes with one simple push or pull. You can set it up in seconds!

Another big bonus of the 4moms Breeze Plus is that it comes with an attachable bassinet AND changing table. The bassinet can be used from birth to 18 pounds and the changer up to 25 pounds. This makes it a great option for the newborn stage and beyond.

While we think the 4moms mamaRoo swing is only average, we LOVE the 4moms Breeze Plus Portable Playard. It is well worth the investment!

Weight Limit: Up to 30 lbs

Price: $299.99

Available on Amazon!

4moms Breeze GO Portable Travel Playard

If you love everything we said about the 4moms Breeze Plus above but are looking for something at a better price point, the 4moms Breeze GO might just be the perfect fit.

While the Breeze GO is more budget-friendly, it is a bit smaller. This gives your baby less space to play but it does mean that this is the lighter-weight option, which can be good for traveling families. It also does not have a removable bassinet, a changing station, or a storage tray. The Breeze Go is easy to set up, although a bit different from the Breeze Plus.

Weight Limit: Up to 30 lbs

Price: $239.99

Shop Here

Silver Cross Slumber 3-in-1 Travel Crib – BEST FOR TRAVEL

If you are an on-the-go family that loves traveling like us, the Silver Cross Slumber 3-in-1 Travel Crib is a great choice. It is lightweight and comes with a convenient weatherproof carrying case (getting all the pieces back inside of it is simple, which is not always the case with pack n plays). The setup and breakdown are quick and easy, too.

The Silver Cross Slumber 3-in-1 Travel Crib is super versatile. It has a newborn bassinet and an expandable mattress. It also has a cool zip-up door that turns it into a playard for playtime. We’ve actually been filling it with plastic balls and letting our little one use it as a ball pit lately which has been so fun!

Weight Limits: Birth to 50 lbs

Price: $299.99

Check It Out Here!

Joovy Room2 Portable Travel Crib

Room2  is just what it sounds like, the perfect 2nd bedroom for your little one. The Joovy Room crib comes with a simplistic design and you can move or place it about anywhere of your choice. Room2 travel crib doesn’t come with toy attachments; this means you can give your babe their favorite toy to play with instead.

Its sleek and modern design means it can easily fit in with any home decor without standing out like a sore thumb.

It’s a little heavier than most of the other pack n plays we included but makes up for this by being extremely sturdy (like in case you have 4 other wild kiddos running around).

Weight Limit: Up to 30 lbs

Price: $179.99

Check current prices here!

Graco Pack n Play Snuggle Suite LX – BEST BANG FOR YOUR BUCK

If you are looking for a pack n play that just truly does it all, the Snuggle Suite is the one for you. It includes a bouncer, a bassinet, and a changing table. All can be transitioned in and out very easily.

The bouncer seat can even be taken out and placed directly on the floor, eliminating the need to buy a separate bouncer.

Even with all these cool features getting the playard up and down is done with the simple push of a button. 

Weight Limit:

  • Playard up to 35″ or when they can climb out
  • Bouncer up to 18 lbs
  • Changing table up to 30 lbs

Price: $329.99

Check current prices here!

Baby Bjorn Travel Crib Light

We are in love with the unique and more modern design of this travel crib. Not to mention it’s extremely light and compact enough to take along for any adventure you’ve got up your sleeve.

Another benefit of this Baby Bjorn option is the mattress is extra thick and comfy making for a great night’s sleep for your baby.

This pack n play mattress is all the way on the ground though, so it is best for taller parents with long enough arms to lay baby down gently. As a 5′ 1″ mama I can tell you all too much about the struggles of putting babies down in deep cribs.

Weight Limit: Up to 33 lbs

Price: $279.99

Available on Amazon!

Guava Family Lotus Travel Crib 

This Lotus Travel Crib is incredible. It’s modern, light, extremely functional, and still comes in at a very reasonable price.

It has a side access door making it a great area for play once your baby can crawl, giving them the option to go in and out.

It packs up into a little backpack that weighs in at just 13 lbs, making it the ultimate option for long-distance travel. And, even though it’s extremely light, it’s still very sturdy and has a comfortable mattress. 

Weight Limit: For ages newborn to three years old, no weight limit as the mattress is supported by the floor

Price: $279

Check current prices here!

Graco My View 4-in-1

Graco My View 4-in-1 is another one of the best pack n plays for mamas on the go. It is super versatile and there are 4 different ways to use it from newborn to toddler. It has enough space for your little one to sleep or play through the beginning stages of their life.

It’s easy to assemble and break down wherever you end up and it also comes with a canopy to shield from any light, so your baby can sleep or play comfortably inside or outside!

Weight Limit: Up to 50 lbs

Price: $179.97

Check current prices here!

Nuna SENA Aire Travel Crib – BEST FOR NEWBORNS

The Nuna SENA is one of the best pack n plays on the market. It is made with high-quality soft material and many parents rave that the mattress is more comfortable than they ever imagined a portable crib could be.

The whole mattress can be raised for newborn babies, which is similar to having a bassinet option. One really great feature is that you can fold it down and back up while in this bassinet setting. This makes traveling with a newborn a breeze.

Another feature this pack n play comes with is an attachable diaper changing pad.

Weight Limit:

  • Playard: birth to 30 lbs, height 35 inches
  • Bassinet: birth to 15 lbs
  • Changer: Birth to 24 lbs

Price: $400

Check it out here!

Kidco Travelpod Portable Crib

Who doesn’t want a Travelpod? It just sounds cool enough to spark our interest! Kidco Travelpod is one of the most lightweight options on our list, as it weighs only 10 pounds. It is very easy to toss it into your suitcase or bring along to your favorite parks and beaches. 

Ultimately, when you are looking for the best pack n play for your baby, you want one that is lightweight, easy to pack, and safe for your little one. The Travelpod checks off all these things while being very affordable.

However, because it is so lightweight it is possible for an older child to knock it over from inside. I recommend the Travelpod for use only before your little one is on the move.

Weight Limit: From birth to 3 years old

Price: $116

Check current prices here!

Baby Trend Lil Snooze Deluxe II

The Baby Trend Lil Snooze Deluxe II is the perfect option if you are looking for an easy to use pack n play that has a bassinet attachment. It has everything you need including a changing table with a storage pocket and a napper with a canopy.

It is a great playard for all stages, from newborn to toddler. You will be able to fold it up with no problem and it has a carrying bag for storage and easy transportation.

It is also a budget-friendly pick!

Weight Limit: Up to 30 lbs

Price: $89.99

Available on Amazon!

Summer Pop n Play

This option is a little different from the rest of the list and while it isn’t as well-built for sleeping, it’s a wonderful option for playtime on the go. It has 14 square feet of playing space and is a great pack n play for indoor and outdoor use, whatever the weather!

As for taking it with you, it only weighs 12 lbs! It’s perfectly lightweight and easily portable to take on your trips. Plus, it is compact and easily foldable.

It also has a water-resistant floor to help keep your baby dry, even on damp grass.

Weight Limit: 6-24 Months, up to 35 inches tall

Price: $86.99

Check current prices here!

Pack N Play Extras

Most Pack N Plays come with everything you need. However, you may want to add a few accesories for convenience and comfort.

  • Diaper Caddy: The great thing about Pack N Plays is that they kind of become a one-stop nursery center for sleeping, playing, and diaper changes. If the Pack N Play you choose does not have a built-in diaper caddy, it’s worth the extra cost of buying one to add on. That way you always have diapers and wipes within reach. Here’s one great, affordable option.
  • Pack N Play Mattress: Most Pack N Plays do not come with a very comfortable mattress. It is safest to let your baby rest on the included mat and they probably really won’t mind if they are only sleeping here occasionally. However, if it is going to be the primary place your baby sleeps you might want to look into getting an additional Pack N Play mattress. Make sure you check the dimensions and choose a mattress that fits perfectly as you won’t want gaps. Here is a breathable option we love.
  • Pack N Play Sheets: Again, you probably only need to add on Pack N Play sheets if this is going to be your baby’s primary sleeping spot. They do provide a little extra comfort and convenience when it comes to cleaning.

Don’t See Your Favorite Pack n Play? Let us know in the comments!

Frequently Asked Questions

Which pack and play is safest?

The 4moms breeze plus portable playard is a popular option for parents looking for a high-quality, easy-to-use playard for their children. As with any pack and play, make sure you are following the recommended usage instructions to ensure your baby is safe.

Is it safe for baby to sleep in pack n play every night?

It is generally safe for your baby to sleep in their pack n play. Follow the AAP’s recommendations for safe sleeping, just like you would in a crib. You should also review the recommendations for your specific pack n play and consult your pediatrician.

Should I get bassinet or pack n play?

Both bassinets and pack n plays can be used safely for infant sleep and take up less room than your average crib. Pack n Plays are more versatile and can often be used through your baby’s first year, which is why I would choose one over a bassinet.

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