The Perfect Hospital Outfit for Mom [Comfy and Functional Options You’ll Love]

You’ve got your hospital bag packed with all the sweetest outfits and necessities for your new bundle of joy, but have you thought about what you are packing for yourself yet? Most of the information you’ll find online about packing a hospital bag will tell you to include a couple of outfits for the baby, some toiletries, snacks, and baby supplies to get you through the first couple of days at the hospital. But I am here to remind you to pack a comfy and cute hospital outfit for mom as well!

In addition to your bag of baby “necessities”, I encourage you to bring along a separate bag with comfortable outfits that you can wear during and after your hospital stay. While that blue hospital gown is flowy and everything, after getting tangled up in it a few times, you might want something more functional – speaking from experience!

I’m a mother of 6 and over the years I’ve learned what works, what doesn’t, and what is just not necessary. So, here are a few tips and suggestions for functional hospital outfits for mom & coming home outfits for mom!

The Perfect Hospital Outfit for Mom

Let’s kick things off with what outfit you will put on once you’ve arrived at the hospital!

Depending on how quickly you’re progressing, you may or may not have time to think about what to wear. If things are moving really quickly, the nurses will likely instruct you to undress and loosely throw on a hospital gown.

On the other hand, if you have some time to get situated in your room, you can put something on that’s a little more comfortable and functional for labor. 

Some women prefer cute birthing gowns that are breathable, flowy, and often softer than the typical hospital gowns. A perk of shopping for custom hospital gowns is that they some really amazing features like low backs for easy epidural access, fronts that open easily for easy access to nursing or skin-to-skin when your baby is born, and they are usually priced very well so if they get too messy they can be disposed of.

Shop my favorite hospital gowns below!

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Alright, next up: a comfortable sports bra or bralette.

I actually strayed from the usual gown during some of my births and opted to wear just a sports bra. If you’d prefer to have less fabric draped over you like me, consider packing a Bralette, Sports Bra, or Tankini to wear. Added bonus, any of these options will also come in handy once your baby has arrived!

Some hospitals allow the use of a shower or tub and you’ll want a sports bra or something similar if you plan to make use of these.

I know a lot of women choose to wear a bralette if they are having labor & delivery photos shot as this adds some beautiful detail while keeping you covered up.

Shop my favorites!

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Another good option to have packed in your personal hospital bag is a warm robe. Sometimes labor progresses so quickly that you don’t really care what you’re wearing.

Other times it can be a long process and you might be encouraged to walk the hallways. Hospitals are usually a bit cold, so it’s nice to have something warm to put over that thin gown you have on. I absolutely loved my Kindred Bravely Emmaline Robe! It has deep pockets to carry any necessities and it doubles as a nightgown.

Here are some amazing robe options!

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What to wear after giving birth

Your baby is here and you’re soaking up all the critical bonding and getting as much skin-to-skin as possible. Eventually, you might feel ready for a shower, clean up, and enjoy some quiet time with your baby before being discharged. This is when you’ll realize it was a good thing you packed your own hospital bag! You’ll need some postpartum healing supplies, toiletries, your own towel, and a couple of outfits to help you feel comfortable in your new post-baby body.

You will definitely want to bring along some Nursing Tanks. They are a must! They usually have two layers of fabric in the chest area and that top layer is attached to the straps with small clips for easy attachment and detachment to nurse your baby.

They are so convenient and comfortable to sleep in or move around after giving birth. You can find nursing bras like this as well, which will make it easy for you to start wearing regular tops once you’re ready to start wearing regular tops again.

Loose-fitting sweats or extra stretchy leggings are a great option to go with yours nursing tanks. Since you’ll be wearing larger pads for a few days after your baby is born, it will be much more comfortable wearing loose-fitting clothing during that time.

Sometimes your nurses will prefer that you don’t wear pants that the first day so that it’s easier for them to check on your postpartum bleeding. In this case, they will provide you with mesh panties to wear over the large pads. 

Last but not least, don’t forget to have some cozy no-slip-grip socks for the hospital. The floors are very cold and they can be slippery if you just have regular socks. 

Shop the Best Hospital Outfit for Mom Options Here!

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What to wear home

You have probably thought a lot about your baby’s cute coming home outfit, but have you thought about a coming home outfit for mom yet? There are some brands that even offer matching outfits for mom and baby to go home in! 

You will likely be living in nursing tanks for a while until you feel comfortable enough to start venturing outside of your home. Grab a few different colors and styles because these will come in handy if you breastfeed your baby for an extended period of time. I personally nursed my last baby for 22 months and those nursing tanks were a lifesaver, especially during night feedings.

And of course, don’t forget to pack a pair of comfortable postpartum underwear. You can find a full breakdown of our favorites here!

Something important to remember is that our bodies change during pregnancy and our pre-pregnancy clothes may not fit for a few months. A good suggestion to follow when ordering or shopping for postpartum outfits is starting with your 3rd-trimester size or one size up. Having something fit a little loose when you’re newly postpartum is much better than feeling upset because something is too tight or uncomfortable to wear. 

Also keep in mind, if you are breastfeeding, you may want to size up on nursing tanks or nursing bras, to compensate for enlarged breasts. 

As far as the actual outfit goes, I always lean towards a cozy set! This keeps it simple but will still look great in all of the photos you snap.

Shop for a Cute Coming Home Outfit for Mom Below!

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Times have changed and women want to birth their babies with confidence and comfort, these outfits can help us accomplish that! I hope you feel empowered to wear what you want and make your hospital stay as comfortable as it can be. You got this, mama!

Frequently Asked Questions

What should mom wear in hospital?

You can wear whatever you feel most comfortable in. Nursing bras, nursing tanks, robes, and comfy lounge sets are all functional options.

What do moms wear in hospital after birth?

Even though the hospital provides you with all of the necessities, I encourage you to bring along a separate bag with comfortable outfits that you can wear during and after your hospital stay. Nursing bras, nursing tanks, and comfy lounge sets are great options.

Do you wear a bra under a hospital gown?

You definitely do not have to wear anything under your hospital gown, however, if you feel more comfortable you can wear a bra under your hospital gown during labor. There are tons of great nursing & maternity bras that would be great for this.

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