90 Western Baby Names [For All The Yellowstone Fans Out There!]

You could say the TV series Yellowstone has taken the world by storm. People have fallen in love with the beautiful scenery of the great outdoors and many of the characters in this Montana-based show. In turn, fans have spiked the popularity of strong and bold Western baby names! Some long to capture the feeling of the Wild Wild West and others dream of a modern ranching & homesteading lifestyle.

These names are folky, strong, classic, and will stand the test of time so it’s no surprise that they have caught on with so many expecting parents beyond just those of the Yellowstone fandom. But alas, choosing the perfect cowboy baby name can feel daunting, so I’ve compiled my favorite baby boy and baby girl names that keep the spirit of the American Old West alive!

90+ Western Baby Names

Maybe you’re in search of the perfect 19th century, western baby girl name inspired by some of the strong women from the Wild West. Or maybe, you’re looking for something more modern with that Western flare. Whether you want the bad boy Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid vibe, or you’re looking for a Lone Ranger type of cowboy name – we’ve got you covered.

Top 10 Western Names

  1. Wyatt – This name is inspired by Wyatt Earp, one of the most famous 19th-century historical figures of the American West. He is best known for his participation in a notorious gunfight at the OK Corral.
  2. Annie –  Inspired by the 19th-century American sharpshooter who rose to fame in Buffalo Bill’s Wild West show, Annie Oakley. She was a female pioneer who played a significant role in shaping the future of women.
  3. Jesse – The western origin of this name is from the notorious bank and train robber in the American Old West, Jesse James. He was an American outlaw and became a legend of the Old West when he was killed by Robert Ford in 1882.
  4. Pearl – As in, Pearl Hart, who drew her inspiration from Annie Oakley. She was famously named, “The Bandit Queen,” after she was caught robbing a stagecoach in Arizona and then escaping from jail.
  5. Wayne – Need I say more? This is simply a classic.
  6. Beth – Straight from the Yellowstone series, Beth (short for Bethany) plays the role of a bold and loyal daughter. 
  7. Marshall – This name means “master of horses,” and fitting for a country baby boy name. If you’re looking for the “good guys,” from the Wild West, U.S. Marshals were the ones chasing outlaws on horseback during that time. 
  8. Cassidy- This gender-neutral name, comes from the famed outlaw, Butch Cassidy. He was another Western bad boy.
  9. Dakota – Derived from the name of the native peoples from the American Plains speaking a Siouan language, the name is often translated to “allies” or “friendly.” It was recorded by Lewis and Clark in 1809.
  10. Weston – This name is an old English surname that means Western Town. It’s gained serious popularity over the last 5 years

Aside from these popular and classic names, we have a list of 80 more Western names that you’ll love below!

Western Baby Boy Names

  • Conrad: Meaning “brave counsel”
  • Cooper: Meaning “barrel maker”
  • Bowen: Meaning “son of Owen” or “well-born”
  • John: Meaning “graced by God”
  • James: Meaning “the one who follows”
  • Dusty: Meaning “brave warrior”
  • Levi: Meaning “joined together”

  • Wes: Meaning “West meadow”
  • Denver: Meaning “green valley”
  • Holden: Meaning “deep valley”
  • Brockton: Meaning “possessing good fortune”
  • Clyde: Coming from a River in Scotland, original meaning unknown
  • Dillon: Meaning “like a lion” or “loyal”
  • Ennis: Meaning “one choice”
  • Hardin: Meaning “from the hare’s valley”
  • Lee: Meaning “meadow”
  • Ian: Meaning “God is gracious”
  • Jordan: Meaning “to flow down” or “descend”
  • Lewis: Meaning “renowned warrior”
  • Miles: Meaning “soldier”
  • Ronan: Meaning “little seal”
  • Troy: Meaning “foot soldier”
  • Walker: Meaning “to walk”
  • Benson: Meaning “son of Ben”
  • Chandler: Meaning “candle maker”
  • Clifton: Meaning “town by the cliff”
  • Willis: Meaning “resolute protector”
  • Wade: Meaning “at the river crossing”
  • Lloyd: Meaning “sacred”
  • Payson: Meaning “son of peace”
  • Luke: Meaning “light-giving”
  • Colton: Meaning “from the coal town”
  • Colby: Meaning “from the dark village”
  • Cash: Meaning “money box”
  • Remmington: Meaning “place on a riverbank”

  • Taylor: Meaning “tailor”
  • William: Meaning “resolute protector”
  • Jackson: Meaning “God has been gracious”
  • Collin: Meaning “cub” or “young one”
  • Thomas: Meaning “twin”
  • Kayce: Meaning “watchful”
  • Tripp: Meaning “traveler”
  • Tate: Meaning “cheerful”
  • Nash: Meaning “by the ash tree”

Western Baby Girl Names

  • Elsa: Meaning “God is my oath”
  • Cheyenne: Meaning “people of a different language” and the name of a courageous Native American tribe
  • Savannah: Meaning “grassy plain”
  • Harper: Meaning “harpist”
  • Laurel: Meaning “laurel tree”
  • Libby: Meaning “pledged to God”
  • Helena: Meaning “shining light”
  • Sheridan: Meaning “seeker”
  • Virginia: Meaning “pure”

  • Winifred: Meaning “joy and peace”
  • Margaret: Meaning “pearl”
  • Cara: Meaning “dear one” or “friend”
  • Emma: Meaning “whole”
  • Elizabeth: Meaning “God’s promise”
  • Sierra: Meaning “mountain range”
  • Montana: Meaning “mountain”
  • Eden: Meaning “paradise”
  • Holly: Meaning “holly tree”
  • Lena: Meaning “ray of light”
  • Madison: Meaning “son of Matthew”
  • Marigold: Meaning “golden flower”
  • Morgan: Meaning “sea-born”
  • Alma: Meaning “nurturing soul”
  • Taylor: Meaning “tailor”
  • Winona: Meaning “firstborn daughter”
  • Bonnie: Meaning “pretty”
  • Ruby: Meaning “precious red stone”
  • Georgia: Meaning “earth-worker”
  • Hayden: Meaning “fire”
  • Anna: Meaning “grace”
  • Brooke: Meaning “small stream”
  • Magnolia: Meaning “magnolia flower” or “of great excellence”

  • Tula: Meaning “leaping water”
  • Sage: Meaning “wise”
  • Kennedy: Meaning “armored”
  • Shannen: Meaning “old river”
  • Aurora: Meaning “dawn”
  • Clara: Meaning “bright”
  • Stella: Meaning “star”
  • Cora: Meaning “core” or “maiden”

These names are certainly reminiscent of the American Old West, homestead times, western stagecoach journeys, and more from the 19th century. However, even if you aren’t planning on letting your baby grow up to be a cowboy, these names are timeless and bold as well.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s a typical cowboy name?

Names like Bowen, John, Beau, Levi, and Rhett are typical cowboy names.

What are the top 10 cowboy names?

These are the top 10 cowboy and cowgirl names:

What were popular names in the Wild West?

Some popular names in the Wild West were Cassidy, Colt, Morgan, and Wayne.

What cowboy names are like Billy the Kid?

Wayne, Dusty, Kayce, and Cassidy are all cowboy names with a similar feel to Billy.

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